Columbus Public Schools
columbus, montana

CNA Survey

Hello, Columbus School Stakeholders!

As part of Montana new accreditation process for public schools, each district in the state is required to get feedback on a comprehensive need’s assessment from our key stakeholders which includes parents, students, taxpayers, staff and board members. This need’s assessment for our district will be used in developing and implementing our district’s newly required Integrated Strategic Action Plan. The data from the need’s assessment will be analyzed for areas of weakness and then the district will develop the strategies to correct those weakness in the Integrated Strategic Action Plan. How this works is that the Montana Office of Public Instruction houses this survey, which is anonymous for those filling out the survey, and then reports the data back to the district for review. This survey is a product of the Office of Public Instruction to provide a uniform and universal survey that can be used by all districts across the state. Within the survey each stakeholder is defined by category which then assigns questions related to the type of stakeholder taking the assessment.

You will find the survey at the following link. .

The Columbus Schools greatly appreciates your time in fill out the survey so that we may develop the required Integrated Strategic Action Plan action to meet the required components of district to maintain accreditation. We ask that the survey be completed by the 15th of December so that our administrative team can start analyzing the data for the development of a plan of action.

Superintendent Bermes